Charm City Art Space is a space for visual and performing arts in central Baltimore. Our goal is to provide a space for artists and musicians from all over to showcase their work in our fine city.

Photo credit: Bora Chung, Pat Gavin, Ethan Hansen. Thank you!

Next Meeting:
Monday, August 24th, 7pm. Email Chris Belkas for the address.
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All are welcome at collective meetings, please come and contribute. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can attend one of our meetings, visit the membership section of our site or shoot us an email to find out more details.

Don't just observe... create.

You can now pay your membership dues via Paypal. Please head to the "membership" page to do so.


CCAS Voted Best All-Ages Venue by City Paper Readers!
Thanks to City Papers readers for naming Charm City Art Space as the Best All-Ages Venue!

CCAS Signs Hollaback! Baltimore's Safer Space Pledge!
We at Charm City Art Space are excited to announce that we have signed the Hollaback Bmore Safer Space Pledge. We share their vision: a world where street harassment is not tolerated and where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces. Read more.

CCAS in the Baltimore Sun -
DIY spaces are fertile grounds for Baltimore's arts, music scenes
"In what was once the garage of a narrow townhouse on Maryland Avenue, Charm City Art Space celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. That's a significant milestonefor a nonprofit spot where the punkiest of punk bands can perform before packed crowds that can also take a look at art hanging on the walls in between the head-banging."

CCAS turns 10 in July!
Join us for a weekend full of shows to celebrate Charm City Art Space's 10-year anniversary.

Conflict Resolution Plan
In light of past events, the Charm City Art Space has created a conflict resolution plan to handle future conflicts, should they exist. If anyone would like to view it, please get in touch - charmcityartspace AT gmail DOT com.

Two Years In a Row! Thanks City Paper.
"Best All-ages Show Space"
Charm City Art Space
"No booze or drugs at Charm City Art Space, just a lot of loud punk and metal and otherwise heavy music with some frequent doses of folk-punk and assorted weirdness. The no-substances policy isn't to be taken as some sign of lameness or whatever. CCAS wants a safe place comfortable for everyone. Believe it or not, a bunch of drunk people isn't a terribly benign thing. Shows at CCAS are also out early, which is kinda great in a town where a show done by 1 a.m. is over early. Finally, the space is just about the epitome of DIY—legit and somewhat aboveground, sure, but collectively run and booked. Also, the space is fantastic and big enough while not losing that dingy basement vibe."

CCAS wins "Best All-Ages Space To See Bands" from Baltimore's City Paper!
"Kids like a bunch of shitty music. Do you even know what passes for punk these days for most of the 13-to-17 set? Trust us, it's ghastly. But you'll find no feathery hair or crabcore at the Charm City Art Space, Baltimore's bastion not only for loud 'n' angry youth but for the city's true-school punk community. In this Station North garage, you'll also find no booze, drugs, or corporations. And shows are early, which is a very good thing for kids in school—or people with jobs."

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Anything you can give is appreciated. We need your help to keep us going.